Helpful Forms

Common Forms & Slips

Do you have all of the forms, slips and receipts you need to file your tax return?

See our Checklist of common forms to make sure.

Did you know that the CRA has various credits available for you to apply towards your personal income taxes?


  • Tuition for children attending school
  • Public Transit
  • Children’s Fitness
  • Children’s Arts
  • Disabiliity

See a full list on our  Personal Tax Credits  Information Sheet.


Do you own a small business or are you self-employed? Then you may be able to write off some of your expenses.

For a list of eligible expenses, see our Self Employed Financial Statement


Do you have a personal budget?

If not, Get started now using our Budget Profile

Do you have taxes from previous years that have not been filed?

Our team can help! Bring them in and we’ll get it sorted out for you.





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